Usher's New Look is a non-profit organisation that transforms the lives of underprivileged youths through a 10 year comprehensive programme that develops passions driven, global leaders.

With Leadership Academies in Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit and New York, the Foundation started in 1999, when a then 20 year old Usher Raymond IV sat in the back of an Atlanta courtroom with his mother, listening to juvenile court hearings. As each teen took the stand and shared their testimony with the judge, their stories began to flow together, each was connected by a common thread; the circumstances that had lead them there. At the root of each narrative, Usher and his mother observes a lack of mentorship, opportunity and exposure.

It was from this experience that Usher was driven to ignite a movement that would provide underserved youth with the ability to see past their current circumstances and discover a new perspective, or new outlook, on what their life could be. With the help of his mother, he formed Usher's New Look as a catalyst to empower and instil confidence in young people all over the world. His goal in 1999 was to help 10 Atlanta students discover their potential and unlock their purpose. Fast forward to 2019 and Usher's New Look has now touched the lives of over 42,000 youths around the world.

"Usher's New Look Foundation is on a mission to develop global youth leaders and change the world, and we are excited to pledge and support such an amazing organisation with an ethos and mission very similar to ours."

The Gumball 3000 Foundation began its relationship with Usher's New Look Foundation in August 2018 donating $100,000 to assist the youths in developing leadership and life skills as they prepare for college and career placements.